Lime Kiln Bottom

Lime Kiln Bottom is the low-lying area on the north side of the Mine Bank Run. Included in this area are multiple lime kilns, a log house, the limestone quarry, and the "balancing reservoir" which was built in 1922 as a part of the Baltimore City water project associated with the dam.

Through the tireless efforts of a group of volunteers, and major funding from some good friends of the park, including the France-Merrick Foundation, the historic lime kilns have been restored and preserved for future generations. The picture above shows the three major kilns, built and used at varying periods of time. Click on the following to learn more about each.

Lime was made by burning the Cockeysville Marble that was mined just a short ways away. It was used for fertilizer and mortar and in the treatment of drinking water and sewage. It is still used in making steel, paper, and glass and in sugar production.

The site includes several information stations that show the history of lime kilns, the use of lime, and the specifics of each of the tree kilns. Since the site is reached via the Blue Trail, it is not fully handicap accessible. But there are no stairs or walls to climb over.

The site may be reached by parking in the Willow Grove Nature Education Center parking lot, walking towards the bridge, and turning left before the bridge onto the Minebank Run (blue) trail. Follow the signs (soon to be put up). (GPS: 39.418031, -76.544493)

This project was made possible through donations from:

  • France-Merrick Foundation
  • Maryland General Assembly Bond Bill Program
  • Cromwell Valley Park Council and its members
  • Baltimore Gas & Electric
  • Preservation Maryland
  • Bluegrass Materials Company

Also, donations in-kind from our contractors:

  • A#1 Abatement, Inc.
  • American Contracting Services, Inc.
  • Garden Architecture, LLC
  • Hahn's Masonry
  • Russell M. Tagg, Mason
  • Lehnhoff's Landscaping, LLC
  • Oak Financial Services

And we are indebted to our volunteers:

  • James E Kelly, Jr, Project Manager
  • Richard G Childs
  • Charles E Conklin
  • Joseph W Deer
  • Robert L Eder
  • Thomas P Ernst
  • Thomas Grizzard
  • Robert J Klein
  • Alan M Lake, MD
  • William R McAllen
  • Wayne M Skinner
  • Donald Sloat
  • Jerome B Trout III