Important Information
for All Park Users!

All Park users should be aware of the following Park rules which apply to all areas of Cromwell Valley Park at all times. They have been instituted for the safety of Park visitors, as well as the protection of the Park’s buildings and grounds.

  • CAMPFIRES are NOT allowed in the Park unless part of a Naturalist led program.
  • CAMPING is NOT allowed in the Park unless led by a Park Naturalist.
  • NO OFF-ROAD BIKING is allowed. Bicycles are only allowed on the PAVED Park roads.
  • NO HORSES on Park trails.
  • DOGS ON LEASHES at all times and in all areas of the park.
  • PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG "Mutt mitts" and places to dispose of them are provided at numerous places.
  • AMPLIFIED MUSIC is NOT allowed.
  • METAL DETECTING is NOT allowed.
  • COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS are required to get a permit.
       Permit application   Insurance requiements   (more info)
  • NO SMOKING within 30 ft of any building.
  • We are a trash free Park, so please bring your own trash bags and carry your trash out with you.

Attention all park visitors - Park gates closed at night!

A Message from the Park Sr. Naturalist, Kirk Dreier & the Cromwell Valley Park Council

Cromwell Valley Park is open for public visitation 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.

In order to enhance Park security, the gates at Willow Grove Farm and Sherwood Farm are closed each evening at sunset and re-opened at sunrise. All CVP visitors should make sure that they leave the Park before the gates are closed. Vehicles in the Park after sunset may be locked in overnight. Any persons in the Park after sunset may also be charged with trespassing. Everyone's co-operation with this procedure will ensure that CVP remains a safe and secure place for everyone to enjoy.

Everyone's cooperation is required to keep Cromwell Valley Park a safe and enjoyable facility for ALL Park visitors.