Sherwood Farm


Frances Sherwood acquired the majority (80 acres) of Sherwood Farm in 1934 from Eben Finney, being a part of a much larger tract (256 acres) that Finney had just acquired from John Lindsay Clark. Clark had obtained this part from Duane Rice's will in 1924, then known as "Valley View Farm". Duane Rice had acquired the land in 1890 from Sarah Burke.


GPS: 39.415617,-76.552212

The main structure on Sherwood Farm is the Sherwood House, built in 1935. The house serves as the Park office and contains a meeting room which may be used, for a fee, by county and school groups, as well as some non-profits. Enquire at the office about the availability.

Sherwood Farm also contains several outbuildings from the previous farm operation.

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