Complete bird list for Cromwell Valley Park

Due to its varied habitat of woods, open fields, farmland, and streams, Cromwell Valley Park is attractive to a large variety of birds. This checklist is based upon the kinds of birds likely to be found in this habitat. Relative abundance of each species in each season is keyed to the following code:

A - Abundant - Likely to be seen in large numbers (Hard to miss)
C - Common - Usually seen in the proper habitat (Should see)
O - Occasional - Seen only a few times during the season (May see)
U - Uncommon - Seen at intervals of 2-5 years (Lucky to find)
R - Rare - Seen at infrequent intervals (Very lucky to find)
* - Indicates known breeders

Photos are available for some species. Click to view! All photos copyright Bill Hubick unless otherwise noted.

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Loons, Grebes, and Cormorants    Spring  Summer  Autumn  Winter  Comments
Common Loon U R
Double-crested CormorantU
Great Blue HeronO O O
Green Heron R R
Black-crowned Night Heron R R
Yellow-crowned Night Heron R R R
Swans, Geese and DucksSpringSummerAutumnWinterComments
Tundra Swan O R
Snow Goose R
Canada GooseO O R
Wood Duck R R R
MallardO O O U
Canvasback O O O U
Vultures and HawksSpringSummerAutumnWinterComments
Black Vulture R R O
Turkey Vulture C C C C
Osprey R R
Bald Eagle O O O O
Northern Harrier U R
Sharp-shinned HawkO C
Cooper's Hawk R U O
Red-shouldered Hawk U O O R
Broad-winged Hawk O O
Red-tailed HawkC O C C
American KestrelO O O O
Merlin R
Peregrine Falcon O O O O
Quails and PheasantsSpringSummerAutumnWinterComments
Northern Bobwhite R
Plovers and SandpipersSpringSummerAutumnWinterComments
Killdeer O R U U
Solitary Sandpiper R R
Spotted Sandpiper R R
Semipalmated Sandpiper R
American WoodcockO O O
Ring-billed GullO O O O
Herring Gull R R
Rock Dove (Pigeon) A A A A
Mourning DoveA C C C
Black-billed Cuckoo U R
Yellow-billed Cuckoo C O U
Eastern Screech Owl U U U U
Great Horned Owl O O O O
Barred Owl R R R R
Common Nighthawk O O C
Chuck-will's-widow R
Chimney Swift C C C
Ruby-throated Hummingbird C C C
Belted Kingfisher C C C R
Red-headed Woodpecker R R
Red-bellied Woodpecker C C C C
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker O C U
Downy Woodpecker C C C C
Hairy Woodpecker U U U U
Northern Flicker C C C O
Pileated Woodpecker U R R U
Olive-sided Flycatcher R U
Eastern Wood-Peewee C C C
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher U R
Acadian Flycatcher O O U
Willow Flycatcher R
Least Flycatcher R U
Eastern Phoebe C C U
Great Crested Flycatcher U U U
Eastern Kingbird C C C
Purple Martin U U R
Tree SwallowO R O
Northern Rough-winged Swallow O O O
Barn Swallow C C C
Cliff Swallow U R R
Jays and CrowsSpringSummerAutumnWinterComments
Blue JayC C C C
American CrowA C C C
Fish Crow O
Chickadees and TitmiceSpringSummerAutumnWinterComments
Black-capped Chickadee R R
Carolina ChickadeeC C C C
Tufted Titmouse C C C C
Red-breasted Nuthatch U U U
White-breasted Nuthatch C C C C
Brown Creeper U O C
Carolina WrenC C C C
House Wren A A A
Winter Wren R R
Golden-crowned KingletC C U
Ruby-crowned KingletC C R
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher C C C
Eastern BluebirdC C C
Veery C C C
Gray-cheeked Thrush U U
Swainson's Thrush C C
Hermit ThrushU U R
Wood Thrush C C C
American RobinA A C C
Gray CatbirdC C C R
Northern MockingbirdC C C C
Brown Thrasher O O O
Cedar Waxwing C C C C
European StarlingA A A A
White-eyed Vireo O O O
Blue-headed Vireo U U
Yellow-throated Vireo U
Warbling Vireo R
Philadelphia Vireo R
Red-eyed Vireo C A C
Blue-winged Warbler O U
Golden-winged Warbler R R
Brewster's Warbler (hybrid) R
Tennessee Warbler C U
Orange-crowned Warbler R
Nashville Warbler U U
Northern Parula C C C
Yellow WarblerC C C
Chestnut-sided Warbler O O
Magnolia Warbler C C
Cape May Warbler U U
Black-throated Blue Warbler C C
Yellow-rumped Warbler C A R
Black-throated Green Warbler C C
Blackburnian Warbler O O
Prairie Warbler U R
Bay-breasted Warbler U R
Blackpoll Warbler C C
Cerulean Warbler R
Black-and-white Warbler C O C
American Redstart C C C
Prothonotary Warbler R
Worm-eating Warbler U R
Ovenbird C C C
Northern Waterthrush R R
Louisiana Waterthrush R
Kentucky Warbler U U
Connecticut Warbler R
Mourning Warbler R U
Common Yellowthroat C C C
Hooded Warbler U U
Wilson's Warbler R R
Canada Warbler O U
Yellow-breasted Chat U
Summer Tanager R
Scarlet Tanager C U O
Cardinals and GrosbeaksSpringSummerAutumnWinterComments
Northern CardinalC C C C
Rose-breasted Grosbeak O O
Indigo Bunting C C C
Eastern Towhee C C C O
American Tree Sparrow R
Chipping Sparrow C C C
Field Sparrow C C C
Savannah Sparrow R R
Fox Sparrow R R R
Song Sparrow C C C C
Lincoln's Sparrow R R
Swamp Sparrow U U
White-throated Sparrow C C C
White-crowned Sparrow U R R
Dark-eyed Junco C C C
Bobolink U U
Red-winged Blackbird C C C O
Rusty Blackbird R
Common Grackle C C C U
Brown-headed CowbirdC C C C
Orchard Oriole U U
Baltimore OrioleC C C
Purple Finch R R R
House Finch C C C C
Pine Siskin R U R
American GoldfinchC C C C
Evening Grosbeak R R
House SparrowC C C C